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About Us

About Us

Hospitals that have welcomed complementary therapies as supportive-care interventions, may describe the treatments as 'Gentle Touch', so hence our name Gentle Touch North.

Our support group provides valuable friendship and support, and gives us the opportunity to enhance our personal development as energy healers and sound healers.

We meet several times a year for meditation, chanting and shared healing, and have close links with Northumbria Healers.

The Universal Greeting

We open our gatherings with ‘The Universal Greeting’. Working together as energy healers and sound healers, we feel that it reflects our intention to bring love, light, peace and healing into the world.

I offer you peace - face palms forward
I offer you friendship - cup hands palm to palm, elbows bent
I offer you love - draw hands forward... from the heart... to form a cup
I hear your needs - cup hands behind ears
I see your beauty - cover eyes with hands... then uncover
I feel your feelings - arms across chest... fingertips to shoulders
All wisdom flows - move right hand palm down from overhead... past face to meet...
From the highest source - up facing palm at chest, fingertips forward
I honour that source in you - palms together in prayer position
Let us work together - fingers interlocked
For you are my own true self - clasping both hands

The Universal Greeting was the Inspiration of Mahatma Gandhi and given to Gong Master Don Conreaux - a great pioneer for World Peace - and it has now been adopted, as the official greeting for The Children of the United Nations and being introduced into schools worldwide.

The beauty and simplicity of this deeply moving greeting, radiates an even greater impact, when expressed in silence, through the universally recognised hand gestures only.
"The nine sentence greeting was given to me by the leader of a 'team' of five world servers in 1983 when I was coordinating an event in Los Angeles for the Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations (CCCUN). They asked if I would give it out to the world, and so I did. Its purpose is to develop a resonance between all peoples regardless of culture, language or politics..." Don Conreaux

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